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Style is important, but so is functionality when it comes to your outdoor building or shed. Explore add-on features to make your building exactly what you need it to be! Below are the structural and appearance options that you can use to dial in your shed design. From windows with shutters, door options, and flooring upgrades to stud and truss spacing, we’ve got plenty of options to make your shed unique. 

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Siding Options

Siding is the first feature you'll see when you glance over at your structure sitting in your yard or outdoor landscape. Your siding material should be selected with care, and we have a variety of options at no additional charge.


Choose from the traditional shed look of 5/8in T1-11 Pressure Treated & Sealed siding, or 3/8in LP Smart Panel, which can be painted, or urethane stained in a variety of colors.


T1 – 11 is tried and true, premium grade real plywood exterior siding that is protected against rot, fungal decay, and termites.

  • 24in ON CENTER STUDS / 24in ON CENTER TRUSSES (66% thicker siding easily spans 24in on center stud spacing)

  • Double studded at siding seams to resist treated wood’s tendency to shrink, same number of studs as 16in on center

  • All PRESSURE TREATED wood features a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY against termites and fungal decay

  • Tried and true PREMIUM grade REAL PLYWOOD SIDING

  • 5/8in thick, 66% THICKER than many competing siding products

  • Available Coatings: Water Sealer (only)


LP Smart Panel is treated with LP’s proprietary SmartGuard ® process. With four components of protection, the process adds strength, is weather resistant, and helps the siding withstand impacts, freeze/thaw cycles, high humidity, fungal decay, and termites.


  • SMARTGUARD TREATMENT makes this engineered wood product WATER RESISTANT

  • SMARTGUARD ZINC BORATE TREATMENT provides fungal decay, termite, and impact RESISTANCE

  • Comes with a 50 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY from the manufacturer

  • Available Coatings: Paint & Urethane (only)

Flooring Options

We offer both Engineered Tongue & Groove as well as Pressure Treated Square Edge so that you can choose the floor decking material that is best suited for the intended use of your shed. Additional charges may apply depending on the material and thickness chosen.


Standard flooring is designed for 300 lbs. The POINT LOAD is spread evenly over an area no less than 5 inches by 5 inches. Additional options are available upon request.

31Sheds Floor Options and Prices
  • 5/8in CDX Grade Square Edge, Pressure Treated Plywood

  • Lifetime warranty against termites & fungal decay

  • Choose this flooring if you want a lifetime warranty against termites & fungal decay and are not as concerned with small imperfections and knots in the appearance or seam gaps due to shrinkage from the pressure-treating process

  • For increased Flooring Weight Limits, UPGRADE to 3/4in Pressure Treated Plywood or DOUBLED 3/4in Pressure Treated Plywood for an additional charge.

  • 5/8in Sheets of Tongue and Groove, Engineered Panels

  • Exceptional strength & stiffness for a flatter, more stable floor

  • Free of knots and patches with a thermally fused face

  • Advanced resins are moisture resistant

  • Choose this if you want a seamless floor with a virtually flawless appearance

  • For increased Flooring Weight Limits, UPGRADE to 3/4in Engineered Tongue & Groove Panels or DOUBLED 3/4in Engineered Tongue & Groove Panels for an additional charge.


Our skids are the foundation of our buildings. We use 4x6 treated skids engineered to have our floor joists notched into our skids. This makes our structures more rigid and stronger, and keeps everything in place for years to come—no twisting or wrapping like our competitors that use 4x4 fence posts as their skids. Theirs are not notched; they typically lay a 2x4 on top and use top nails to secure them to 4x4 skids. ​

  • 16in on center pressure treated floor joists – standard

  • 12in on center pressure treated floor joists – optional (standard on garages)

  • 2x4in Pressure treated floor joists – standard

  • 2x6in Pressure treated floor joists – optional (standard on 14ft wide and above)

Paint & Urethane Options

One standard paint color is included in the price. Custom paint colors require a Sherwin Williams paint code.

31Sheds Paint & Urethane Options and Prices
Standard Paint Colors
31Sheds Standard Paint Colors
Urethane Stain Colors
31Sheds Urethane Stain Colors
Metal Siding Colors
31Sheds - upgrade to a vinyl building!

Vinyl Upgrade

Vinyl Buildings are an additional 20% to the base price and include shutters and accent trim colors.

Roofing Options

Choose the upgraded look of our 29-gauge metal roofing, available in a wide array of colors and backed by a 30-year limited warranty. OR…match your home’s roof for looks or for HOA compliance using our residential grade architectural shingles, available in commonly used colors. Both options are priced the same.

Customize your building's roof to suit your needs!
Metal Roof Advantage
  • 29 Gauge high quality metal

  • 30 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY | All metal roofing and siding comes with a 30-year limited warranty against rust through

  • Provides your building with an upscale architectural appearance

  • Does not depend on foreign oil as a raw material

  • Metal is 100% recyclable & worry-free

Shingle Roof Advantage
  • Residential grade architectural shingles


  • Match your home or existing building(s)

31Sheds Metal and Shingle Roof Options

Custom Metal Roof Colors

Single-Pitch Roof

Upgrade your utility style building with a single-pitch roof!


31Sheds Single-pitch building upgrade

Framing Options

From floor joist size and spacing to wall stud and roof truss spacing, we offer several framing options and upgrades that might be important to consider depending on the intended use for your shed and what you plan to put inside it.

Framing options may be especially beneficial to all the DIYers out there. If you are looking to transform your building and add insulation, framing options may need to be considered for accurate measurements and ease of installation.


16″ on center is standard on painted buildings.

$0.40/sq ft


Treated buildings only. Can upgrade to 16" on center studs for $1.00/sq ft.


Choose doors that make the most sense for how you’re using your shed. Got a riding mower? Double barn doors or even a roll-up garage door might be the choice. Using your shed as a home office? You’ll want a lockable walk-in door. For both the walk-in and barn-style doors, options with windows are available if you like the look and want to get more natural light into your space.​

  • 4’ Single Barn Door (Matching Building Materials) - $110

  • Double Barn Doors (Matching Building Materials) - $165

  • House Style Door, No Window (opens IN and to the RIGHT only) - $360

  • Opening Loft Door (Lofted Barns only) - $60

  • 9’ x 7’ Garage Door (wall must be at least 12′W x 8′H - 12″ on-center floor joists will be included) - $820

  • 8’ x 7’ Garage (Wall must be at least 10′W x 8′H. 12″ on-center floor joists will be included. 10’ wide buildings require 2 additional skids.) - $805


Whether your shed will just be used for storage or something more, we offer a variety of windows that will not only provide the function you need…but can add a lot of visual character to the inside and outside of your shed. Consider how well-insulated your building is, whether you want cross-circulation during the summer months, or whether bringing in more natural light is your priority.

  • 24" x 27" Loft Window (In loft only, does not fit above garages) - $105

  • 2' x 3' Single Pane Window - $105

  • 2' x 3' Double Pane Window - $240

  • 3' x 3' Single Pane Window - $120

  • 3' x 3' Double Pane Window - $310

  • 10" x 29" Window (Fits 4' single barn door) - $120

  • 10" x 35" Window (Fits double barn door) - $100

Additional Add-ons

Interior Add-Ons

Interior add-ons, such as a workbench or shelves, can add much-needed storage space for better organization solutions in your building or shed. Need more space up top? Add a loft as an additional level of storage in your shed.

  • Workbench (includes a single shelf below the work surface, priced per foot of length) - $17/ft

  • Shelves (includes 3 tiers, priced per foot of length) - $17/ft

  • Loft (8ft included FREE with Lofted Barns, additional loft is priced per foot of depth) - $28/ft

Exterior Add-Ons

Exterior add-ons include subtle architectural details that can give your shed that little bit of extra visual charm. Options include extra porch posts and railing, 6” overhangs on the front and back gable ends, and 7/12 roof pitch on Utility Sheds.

  • Extra Porch Post - $50/each

  • Porch Railing - $17/ft

  • 6” Front & Back Roof Overhang (Gable End Walls) - $275

Protective Barriers

A vapor barrier is recommended if you plan to insulate your building. Our radiant barriers possess impressive energy efficiency, reducing building temperatures by up to 30% by reflecting the sun’s heat.

  • House Wrap Vapor Barrier (On walls only) - $1.75/sq ft

  • Roof Tar Paper (recommended for shingle roofs) - $1.75/sq ft

  • Tech Shield Radiant Heat Barrier (for shingle or metal roofs) - 2% Additional Charge

  • Silver Tech Radiant Barrier (available for LP Smart Panel only) - On walls: 3% Additional Charge

Utility Shed Wall Height

Increased wall heights on Utility Sheds are helpful if you plan to install shelving or tall tool storage solutions.

  • 6’3 Walls

  • 8’ Walls (92" Inside, Utilities Only) - $175

Note: Walls taller than 6ft 3in on Lofted Sheds or taller than 8ft on Utility sheds require a build on site.

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