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31Sheds offers quality-made deluxe utility cabins custom-built to your needs.

Deluxe Utility Cabin

With 8ft sidewalls, the Deluxe Utility Cabin is an ideal option for a home office, art gallery, craft room, hunting cabin, or just about anything else you could imagine.

Basics of Our Deluxe Utility Cabins

The Deluxe Utility Cabin is the ultimate package for creating an outdoor recreational space, DIY studio, or home office. It includes a 9-lite house-style door, five 2ft x 3ft single-pane windows (3 in the bay front), four porch posts, and three sections of porch railing. The Deluxe Utility Cabin includes 8ft walls. This package requires a minimum shed size of 12ft x 24ft.

31Sheds offers quality-made deluxe utility cabins custom-built to your needs.
Key Features
  • 9 lite window walk-in door

  • Bay-style windows with wrap-around porch (total length of building includes 4ft of porch)

  • Porch railing in 3 sections (approx. 4ft each)

  • Four porch support posts

  • Five 2ft x 3ft single-pane windows

  • 8ft sidewalls

Our Cabin Features

  • Windows can be placed anywhere

  • Windows can be upgraded to double-pane (2x3 or 3x3)

  • The size of the overall building will include the porch

  • We offer spray foam and suggest getting the floors done if you plan on finishing the building, 3" closed cell, but we can always do more!

  • If you plan on finishing these buildings, we have suggestions to get the fundamentals right so you stay comfortable year-round!

Deluxe Utility Cabin Prices

Rent To Own

*If you see a size not listed and would like a custom quote, please contact us. We build in 2' increments up to 40' long.

Deluxe Utility Cabin Gallery

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